Sunday, December 12, 2010

Swimming or Cycling?

Two days in the evening, Hong Zheng went cycling with me. On the way i posted him a question.

Mum: Do you like swimming or cycling?
HZ: Swimming.

Mum: Why?
HZ: Cycling is hot!

Interesting answer. An answer from 3 year old kid!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hm,,,,, soap soap

we decided to send Hong Zheng to nanny. After a week ,he seems to understand he must go although he does not want to.
I do not send him there as i worry i will not able to control myself and leave the job.

All information i got it from his dad.

In the first three days, Hong Zheng kept holding his dad's hand and never want to leave him.
On friday, he still soap soap but he mumble:"Mommy goes to work in NS. Daddy goes to work in computer shop. I need to go nanny's house. Mummy and daddy will pick me up after they come back..soap..soap"

He walked into nanny house although he kind of refuse.

My son is getting more understandable.

Hong Zheng, mommy still love you although we have to send you to nanny. Mommy loves you but life still need to go on..I am sorry.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I am growing up!

One day, while i was trying to hold hand while come down from stair. He told me to let go and wait him all the way at ground floor. He wanted to prove to me that he can walk down on his own and he did! I started to realize my son is trying to tell me he is growing up!

Quiting his diapers

Hong Zheng quits his diaper during his nap and is also slowly quitting his diaper at night. He does not wake up for wee at midnight. Possible? Maybe he sleeps late lately. Maybe he drinks less water lately. Maybe his kidney able to keep more water? One thing for sure, he does not drink much plain water.

How to juggle family and career?

I love my son but i need to work too. How can i handle them? I am trying each day hoping i can make the situation gets better.

At the beginning, i woke up at 6:30am to cook lunch and dinner before i leave to work. I stop doing it after Hong Zheng claim stomach ache. I start to cater for food caterer. Still dont work. I am looking for nanny. Still dont work? What should i do? I am tiring.

Tell me what should i do? I am totally exhausted!

Stomach ache

Last two weeks, Hong Zheng started to claim he has stomach ache. It is worst during mid night when he got up half way sleep and claim pain. At least 6-7 times throughout the night.

Brought him to see doctor, the whole hospital can know us as Hong Zheng can make the whole hospital so "huha". He was so phobia to see doctor after the incident of Influenza A.

His dad never follow the proper medication time so it drags him up to 5 days. I took unpaid leave and look after him. After a day, he is fully recovered. No more stomach ache, no more fever.

From our observation, Hong Zheng actually has kind of stomach gastric where by it is worsen off during the meal time. That implies, irregular feeding hour. Off course, his dad wont feed him at the good timing.

Can i still keep him with his dad? I cannot.

I am so sorry

Looking back to my old blogs, it has been idling for the past two months.

Just two months, so much things change....

Hong Zheng claimed stomach ache afew ago.
We cater for dinner during weekdays.
Hong Zheng follows his dad to computer shop.
I am reactivated as a career yet tired woman...

Today, what i had done? I visited Hong Zheng's soon to be baby sitter.

Hong Zheng dad claimed he cannot handle Hong Zheng and do his business at the same time.

I am terrifyingly sad! so sad that i cannot describe anymore.

Why i just cannot have a happy family who does not worry about all this? Why cant i give more precious time with my son? Since i have to work to support my hubby's ambitious, since i have to work to support the family while he is adventuring, why cant i give a happy childhood with my son while he still so attach to us?? Why? I can say nothing but two words " faith", "destiny".

Hong Zheng, mummy is sorry to you because that is all i can give it to you..I am so sorry.