Saturday, April 17, 2010

Influenza A Positive!

On 13th April, i brought Hong Zheng to Pantai Specialist because he had high fever up to 39.2C and condition did not improve although under fever medication.
He took his medicine at around 11:30am and we set off to Pantai at 2pm as clinic rests from 1-2pm.
We were the 6th patient in the noon. When came to our turn , it is around 3:30pm.

Doctor took his temperature and it was 40.2C! Doctor explained it could be just a normal fever or influenza. He took small sample of saliva using a cotton butt and tested with a rapid kid. We were asked to perform a blood test.

After around 30min of waiting, we got the blood report and went back to clinic. I immediately asked the nurse how was the result and she told me it was POSITIVE!!!!

I hardly believe my eye and ear as the way she told me was like kidding on me! Finally we went in again and it was confirmed, Influenza A positive! Oh my god! I was told H1N1 was the subset of Influenza A. Hong Zheng might not or might affected H1N1. Doctor told me he wards are full and Hong Zheng cannot be wadded but he can go under medication and quarantine at home.

That day after home, i started to keep an enye on his temeperature. I took his tempearature after each 30min to 1 hour started from 8pm Tuesday. His temperature got stable only after the following day night.

Today is the 6th day, temperature is within control but somewhat cough is never recover. Really really worry me. Will call doctor tomorrow if further check up is needed.

If you asked me why he was affected? I do not know maybe the last sunday shopping trip.

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