Thursday, January 21, 2010

Melaka Planetarium

We went to Melaka Planetarium this evening around 5pm as the theater will starts at 5:15pm.
Melaka Planetarium situated in the area at MITC Melaka. Easy to spot it but not so simple to get into the main entrance as the entrance sign is not so obvious at the big round about. It took me two times to find the extrance.

Sadly to say the response is very poor. We are the only group that visited the planetarium. Maybe it is over the school holiday season.

Quite a big place for car parking so do not need to worry since we are the only group!

Entrance fee for adult is RM10 and FOC for children below 7 years old. Open daily include weekend and public holiday!

There is a big gallery displaying info about planets, outer space, space ships and "heroes" of space and many more. Two space ships are available for simulation but one seem to break down. However Hong Zheng likes it the most.

There is about 20-30minutes show in the theater about telescope, galaxies and more. We have to lie back on the arm chair and view the show which projected to the dome root top. The environment is like siting in the cinema. Hong Zheng was very excited about the theater but once the lights are off he started to complain to me telling me "scare". Audio system is quite ok although i dont really detect 3D effect and the loud effect also scare him away.

Do not really learn much things out of it other than realizing there are 12 planets instead of 9 planets go around sun, the exist of space telescopes. As for Hong Zheng, other than the big SUN and simulators, i do not expect he apprecite that.

After came out from the planetarium, i ask him if he still interested to come? He told me "No" and said to me "SCARE".

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