Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Swim in Ozana Pool

This week, together with my sister and her two sons, we went to swimming at Ozana Resort. Again this is the first experience with Hong Zheng. My sister stay in Ozana and we pay her visit once a week since i become a stay at home mother. All this while, we just walk around in the residential area, from double storey area to semi-d then bunglow area. THis round, we decided to bring our kids to the pool!..

Frankly, my sister and myself were quite worry as the pool is not a children pool but a standard four feet tall pool. Both adults are not familiar with swimming so we equip our two 1++ to 2 years old sons with two pairs of arm bands, two tire tube and two baby seat rider ( look like a boat). Sounds fully equipped huh :-D

It was a sunny evening around 4:30pm and we drive to the pool side. Without any delay, i put him to the pool side after a short bath. Hm..slowly and step by step..then i carry him to the center of the pool and he start to enjoy it. I put him arm bands and he starts to float in the water..Dont know he scare or he is alert, unlike my sister's son, he is so darling, he jumps and floats in the water with no single fear in his face..a very daring boy..

About an hour in the pool, we leave the pool. All of us feel stuffing after the day, as the result, our dinner is not sufficient for that night :-)

Unfortunately i do not manage to snap any photos as i run out of hands :-)

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