Friday, October 30, 2009

One of the many lessons learn from the book - The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

My sister bought a book with the title "The Last Lecture" from the author Randy Pausch.
It is about how the author spend this remaining months after being diagnostic with critical level of liver cancer.

In page 144, the subtitle is Look for Best in Everyone. This page really inspired me two weeks ago as i was so depressed with Hong Zheng. The background was i had trained him for the past six months to "wee" in the washroom. Week by week i was hoping he can do it well. In some days he was doing well but most of the days, he disapointed me. Two weeks ago after he again "wee" on the floor, i finally exploded! I scored him, i shouted at him, i cried infront of him, i told him how much he disapointed me. I told him i am going to quit my job as a stay at home mother and send him to a nanny.

At that night, i read to this page and i asked myself, do i give enough time to him? I start to search in internet tips to improve his discipline in toilet training...

The next day morning, to my surprise, he told me he wants to wee and he was so willing to go washroom without being asked! Day be day, he was doing well and until today he is still doing good. He can wee in the washroom in shopping mall or even in drain when we run out of idea where to find washroom. I dont have to give him diaper when outing. In some nights, during his sleep, he will also mumbling for wee wee. I think that scoring really leave a big impact to him. I also notice from that day, he became more understand and willing to listen to me.

I love this advice and i will continue to become a stay at home mother :-)

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