Saturday, October 31, 2009

Making Decision to be a Stay at Home Mom

Half a year ago, when my former company was declared bankruptcy, i made a a BIG decision in my life, choosing to be a stay at home mother instead of looking for a new job.

This was a tough decision to myself as well to my family. Both my self and my hubby were working in the same company. During my employment, we sent our son to a nanny. If everything went right, i did not expect any changes in our family in the short to middle run.

My hubby found a new job a month later and as for me, i make decision to stay at home with my son for my son only stay young once and i wish to spend more time with him. Did i make a right decision?

Until today, this question is still in my mind. When Hong Zheng does not behave the way i expect i always rinse this question to myself.

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