Friday, July 2, 2010

Stomach ache

Last two weeks, Hong Zheng started to claim he has stomach ache. It is worst during mid night when he got up half way sleep and claim pain. At least 6-7 times throughout the night.

Brought him to see doctor, the whole hospital can know us as Hong Zheng can make the whole hospital so "huha". He was so phobia to see doctor after the incident of Influenza A.

His dad never follow the proper medication time so it drags him up to 5 days. I took unpaid leave and look after him. After a day, he is fully recovered. No more stomach ache, no more fever.

From our observation, Hong Zheng actually has kind of stomach gastric where by it is worsen off during the meal time. That implies, irregular feeding hour. Off course, his dad wont feed him at the good timing.

Can i still keep him with his dad? I cannot.

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