Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3D2N Trip at Grandpa House.

My brother and my sister-in-law were away for their vacation so left my parents at home. I brought Hong Zheng there to keep them accompany. So, that was so called our 3D2N trip at grandpa's house.

Hong Zheng's grandma is a hemo-dialysis outpatient. She has to go to Bachang St John's dialisis center for dialisis every alternate day. So, i was assgined to fetch them to and fro the center. Finally i got the chance to cook dinner for them. They like steam fish. So, the steam fish were served two days in the row. I also took the chance to cook the pumkin with shrimps dish and they said Yum!

I was worried that Hong Zheng will ask to go home at night and to my surprise, he just said "go go go" but still fall asleep with no much noise. Bed time was still as usual at around 9:30pm after bed time story. Unfortunately the second nite morning, he was bit with mosquitoes and wake up around 6:30am and asking for "go go go". So, we had an early breakfast on the third day morning at Tim Sum Restaurant at Bachang. Where else serving food at such morning if not Tim Sum.

The 3D2N trip was very pleasant and i found the bonding between Hong Zheng and his grandparents are stronger now. Glad to see this!

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