Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Car Seat

Where ever we go by car, Hong Zheng will have to sit at his baby car seat. No fail!

It was a tough process to train him sitting in the car seat but we manage to go through it! I still remember when he was in month of 3th or 4th, he refused to lay back on the seat. We tried ways to persuade him. Having some toys over his head so that when he look up, he will lay back (a tip from friends). Talking to him over his head, jiggle a bell over his head and etc. Each time when we about to leave our house, we will headache.

At his age of 6th or 7th month, he refused to sit in the car seat. He stretched his hands and legs, straighten up his spine, crying and etc. Another round of headache. We were almost give up at that stage. My sister kept advised me never gave up. During that period of time, we traveled quite frequently and it was explicitly important to have him sitting in car seat. So, we kept telling him and persuade him. Finally, it worked and it works until today. Now, he is happily sitting at his "king" seat.

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