Monday, November 2, 2009

Five nannies or childminders

When Hong Zheng was delivered until before i lost my job, he had been looked after by nannies or childminders. Not just one or two nannies or childminders but five!

I feel guilty of putting him into several hands as it must be hard for him to adapt to someone' care and her family but i think he did well!

I am grateful for each of nannies and childminders has been putting so much love and care on him.

During his first month, untie Mary looked after him for a month. She was a confinement lady who hired to stay at our home for a month to look after the baby and also the just delivered mother.

After my two months maternity leave, i sent him to my eldest sister who is a house wife.
Unfortunately during the 5th month, my sister fall sick and she was not able to look after Hong Zheng. So, i decided to send him to a childminder whom sister-in-law was working in the same company as mine. Two months later, my company relocated to the southern part of Malaysia, my mother-in-law came to look after him. However, after a month, she quit her job and we found him a new childminder. It was a tough time as Hong Zheng started to recognize faces and environments. Nine months later, my company declared bankruptcy and we lost our jobs! Hong Zheng was 18months when i lost my job. If you were me, will you look for another childminder? I bet you would not and that was my decision too...

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