Monday, November 2, 2009

My daddy is a Gadget Man!

Hm..maybe i should give a short introduction about Hong Zheng's daddy.

Hong Zheng's dad works as a test process engineer in one of the MNC semiconductor firm.
Nothing much to mention about him except gadgets, right from smart phone, psp to ipod and latest mac-book.

We had once 7 computers at our home, notebooks, small form factor(a mini tower computer), desktops, smart phone, pda and i could not remember the names anymore.
I make a joke with him, thieves will be jumping up and down if they break in our house. Anyway, he has cut down a few after having Hong Zheng as he told me commitment is different so he cannot simply spend money.

Don't be surprise that he actually don't really spend too much in having those gadgets as he is smart in selling off and buying in 2nd hand stuffs. (at least to me he is) :-)

In the past, i was quite resistance in allowing to own so mach gadgets as to me, they are waste of money!
Fyi, he always ask me permission before getting a new family member (i mean the new gadget)

Now, i change my mind. I think it is fine as everyone should have a dream because desire and dream keep us look forward for tomorrow.

Like me, after i start blogging, each night, i really look forward for writing and sharing more in my blogs.

Dreams keep us alive! I will fully respect and support what Hong Zheng is doing or going to do as i wish to really let him achieving what the childhood dream, in The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

This photo was taken by Hong Zheng's daddy after he can start to play a simple game in ipod.

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