Friday, November 6, 2009

Breakfast at Windmill

If we get up late, after 8:30am, we usually end up having our breakfast at Windmill restaurant, near to Jusco shopping mall. Windmill offers breakfast set which we are quite fond on it. It comprises of fried egg, bread, sandwiches, sausage, salad, kidney bean and a cup of tea/milk. Price is net RM3.99. Each month the menu is different.

When we were leaving our house, Hong Zheng was playing with these blocks and he just reluctant to leave his toy even after we start the car engine. So, i just let him bring along these blocks to the restaurant. He is still having fun with the blocks while waiting for food to be served.

Can you see what is his dad doing as a gadget man? Nothing but surfing net as he can get free broadband access via Coffee Bean cafe opposite Windmill.

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