Saturday, November 7, 2009

Transformation & Challenge with his bike

We bought a new tricycle to Hong Zheng two months ago. It allows me to push him along the bike instead of cycling. It eases me to bring him to playground which takes me about 20minute walk. It has a safety bar to safe guard him from falling. It also has a tray to let him rest his legs.

Today we decides to remove the safety bar and the tray so that he can go up and down the bike freely. His daddy helps up and Hong Zheng never fail to follow his dad. He daddy uses screw driver and he takes his toy screw. Finally the transformation is completed. This is the new look. Hong Zheng tried it and end up with a fall. I was thinking to reonstall the bar and tray after seeing the fall but after some thought i decide to leave it as it is. He will learn from it very soon!

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