Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visiting library

I brought Hong Zheng to a so called "Village Library" near by our house. It took us only 5min walking distance or less. It is a mini library run by our government with the purpose to cultivate reading habits among the citizen. It opens daily from 9am to 5:30pm, except public holiday. We went there about 10:00am. We were the first visitors in the morning. Half an hour later, more people came in, some even with children. I was quite surprise as this is just a small housing estate and people here seem to make good use of this library.
We spent about 45min reading newspaper. Hong Zheng did read book and just a short while. He rather prefer to climb up and down the blue sofa. We manage to borrow three books from the library, there are about the car, plane and fire engine structures. Hong Zheng seem to be very excited when going through the car's structure. I hope he learn somethings from the books.

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