Saturday, November 7, 2009

Up on Daddy's Shoulder

One of Hong Zheng's favourite book is with title "Up on Daddy's Shoulder" from publisher Scholastic, author Matt Berry. "Up on his daddy's shoulders, a boy can feel taller than anything! He is the happiest boy when on his daddy's shoulder."

Hong Zheng loves this book. I still remember three months ago when i received this book, i showed it to Hong Zheng and his dad, his dad right immediately ask him: "Do you want to up my shoulder?" It evokes some fun time between them from that day onwards. Until today, when his dad back from work, he will go to his daddy and say:"Up up!"

In addition, that is how Hong Zheng start to recognize the alphabet "U". Instead of saying "U", he will say "Up" :-)

This is one of reasons i like to read him Scholastic books because they are really lovely and fun to read. It gives me ideas and vocabulary talking with Hong Zheng. Another example will be "Froggy Learns to Swim" by Jonathan London, also from Scholastic. When i swing him at the playground i always quote this sentence, "he swing so high, he almost touch the sky...". I also name one of his green soft toy with name "Froggy".

Honestly, i don't mean to sell the books here but they are really interesting to read with your kids. I always recommend them to my friends who has children. The prices are very reasonable too. I bought those book through my sister who run a Kumon centre as Scholastic books only distributed through school or centre in Malaysia. There are many more good books from Scholastic, i think you can visit their official website. Scholastic books also are perfect gifts for children.

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