Friday, November 6, 2009

Leisure time after afternoon snap

These day, Hong Zheng takes a shorter nap, two hours is the maximum. So, i start to think about what games or activities suit for two years old child. I search through internet and the conclusion is just to let him play!

Next questions, what games should i let me him? He tend to get bored with the toys he already has. So, below three games are what i plan for him:

Color and shape: Cutting the dish washing sponges into difference shapes. He use to play with these sponges but he started to get bored with them. I bought the sponges from Carefour for cleaning purpose but end up become his toys. So i cut them into rectangle, triangle, square shapes and teach him colors, shape, number and textures. End up, he builds blocks with these sponges.

Cut and paste: I cut off some nice pictures and alphabets from MYDIN, Tesco, Carefour, Jusco shopping brochures and ask him to paste them on a draft book. To my surprise, he manage to stick them although some helps is needed from me.

Words and alphabets: Arranging words with magnetic alphabets. I still remember two weeks ago when i gave him these magnets, he was not able to stick them on the white board but now he is able to putting them well. Children is a fast learner, no doubt!

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